Carly Rae Jepsen Narrows 'Crazy' 2012 Down To Her Five Favorite Moments

Between crowd-surfing at the Europe Music Awards and two Grammy nods, the 'Call Me Maybe' singer has had plenty of standout moments.

Between two Grammy nominations, an American Music Awards performance and officially having the Best (and likely the catchiest) Song of 2012, Carly Rae Jepsen has had so many shining moments this year, it's hard for her to look back without shielding her eyes.

That's why, when MTV News asked her to pick out her top five favorite moments of the year for our "Big & Best of 2012" live stream on Wednesday (December 12), narrowing it down didn't come easy due to the sheer whirlwind that 2012 was.

5. Performing With the Biebs -- In Front of a Cool 300,000 People

Way back in June, a lifetime ago in Jepsen's fly-by year, she hit the stage with her Schoolboy Records labelmate Justin Bieber in Mexico City for a free outdoor concert. And evidently, the word "free" didn't get lost on the hundreds of thousands of fans who showed up to the show. While Jepsen admits to a case of the nerves — "I thought, 'How am I going to sing?'," she told us — it was undoubtedly a "really cool" experience.

"I was kind of speechless by the amount of [fans]," she said. "But I went out there, sang 'Call Me Maybe' and they took it home."

4. Performing (and Crowd-Surfing) at the Europe Music Awards

If crowd surfing at a huge European awards show doesn't make your list of top moments of the year, you clearly have your priorities wrong. Jepsen did just that when she took the stage in Frankfurt to perform "Call Me Maybe." And if the rambunctious dance party that ensued wasn't enough, she went on to nab two awards that night, including best song for her inescapable track.

But even though it seemed to be her night to shine, Jepsen said it was gawking over all the other musicians that put it on her list of her favorite moments. "I was really lucky to see some of my favorite acts," she told MTV News, shouting out Fun. and Taylor Swift in particular. "And then I won two EMAs. I was not expecting that."

3. Kiss Album Release Party

While crowd-surfing and award-nabbing is fun and all, one of her best memories of the year is when she took a minute to relax. After working serious overtime on her major-label debut, Kiss, in September, it was time to chill. She welcomed the album release party as a time to "let loose and celebrate" with the people who mean the most to her.

"It was really exciting to have all my family and friends arrive in L.A. and take in that moment with me," Jepsen said.

2. American Music Awards

As if topping the charts weren't proof enough, Jepsen's position as an American music darling was confirmed in November, when she was deemed New Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards. The win — along with the fact that she didn't trip over her stunning pale pink gown on the red carpet — came as a shock.

"I had such a great time that day. I was in such a good mood," she said. "The fact that I won was such a shock and such a welcome surprise."

2. "The Moment It All Began"

Despite the glitz, glamour and undeniable attention that came with all of Jepsen's outstanding moments this year, her #1 moment came long before she was in the spotlight. Her favorite moment, in fact, was "the moment it all began," Jepsen said.

And while it may not have technically taken place this year (it just missed the mark on December 30, 2011), Jepsen made an exception becauseit was just that special. She's referring to when Justin Bieber first spread the gospel of her now-ubiquitous "Call Me Maybe." Way back in December of 2011, a lifetime in Jepsen's book, her now-mentor tweeted to his millions of followers the track (which was recently named MTV's Best Song of 2012) was "the catchiest song I've ever heard." Almost instantly, she was on the phone with Scooter Braun, gearing up for her first major record label and embarking on what turned out to be a "crazy adventure" of a year.