Watch Miguel Steam Up The Stage Live!

R&B crooner kick-started our eight-hour live stream and there's much more to come on

Miguel soared to new heights this year with his critically acclaimed sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream, and the "Adorn" singer made an appearance in the MTV Newsroom on Wednesday (December 12) to perform a few cuts from the album as part of our "Big & Best of 2012" year-end celebration presented by T-Mobile.

Dressed casually in black skinny jeans and a graphic T-shirt, Miguel began his three-song set with "The Thrill," vibing out with his four-piece band.

He followed that up with his risqué second single "Do You," telling the crowd, "I'm really excited to play this one for everyone kind of impromptu with my guys. It [was] originally called 'Do You Like Drugs' — so hopefully you guys do." As he neared the end of the track, Miguel threw in a little remix for his intimate audience, adding a few lines from Bob Marley's classic "Stir It Up" to really set the mood.

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With two excellent songs already out of the way, Miguel could only stick around for one more track, and it's pretty clear what that was going to be. "It's really been a blessing to have found new audiences because of music, and it's been a blessing to be able to perform with friends of mine," he said, introducing "Adorn." "[It's] music that I love and hopefully you guys love. It's been a really, really great song in my career thus far."

Miguel's work in the past year has landed him a whopping five Grammy nominations — and the future only looks brighter.

"I was in shock, because as much as you hope to be nominated for something like this — it's like the highest honor you can receive or be considered for — you never really know how it's gonna go," Miguel told MTV News of his reaction to the nominations. "I was definitely very shocked and humbled, and more than anything, I was shocked at how many."