Game's Fiancee Picks Five Fave Songs From Her Man

'Marrying the Game' star Tiffney Cambridge likes everything from 'How We Do' to 'Celebration,' from Game's just-released Jesus Piece.

Trying to pick a favorite Game song is no easy task — just ask his fiancée and "Marrying the Game" co-star Tiffney Cambridge, who we asked to give us her five favorite tracks from her boo.

"I'd have to say my first is 'Westside Story,' " she told MTV News with little hesitation. "That's the song that kinda brought us together. That was his first big hit, so I like 'Westside Story.' "

Next on Tiff's list was his first gold single, "How We Do" with 50 Cent, but after that, the love of Game's life had to rack her brain a little bit, only because his discography is so large.

"I like all of his music," she said before rattling off "Game's Pain" with Keyshia Cole and "My Life" with Lil Wayne, both from his 2008 LAX LP.

For her final pick, Tiffney chose "Celebration" from his new album, Jesus Piece, which was released Tuesday (December 11). "It's a happy song, kinda upbeat," she said about the track, which not only features her husband-to-be, but also Weezy, Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown.

Now, Game's Jesus Piece is no gospel album, but it was in part inspired by Cambridge, who is a devout Christian. Lately, she has encouraged her man to take church a little more seriously. Already she has seen a change in him.

"I think that his music and some of the songs on his new album reflect the fact that he has developed, or is beginning to develop, a deeper spirituality," she said. "I can see the maturity in him now."

What's your favorite track from Game's Jesus Piece? Let us know in the comments!