Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose 'Rise Above' Haters On O.N.I.F.C.

'The majority of the hate that could affect me the most would come from my circle of people who I respect the most,' Wiz tells MTV News.

Nobody likes a hater, but Wiz Khalifa has learned to deal with his naysayers.

It's a topic he addresses on quite a few of the songs from his latest album, O.N.I.F.C.,but it's on the Pharrell Williams-produced "Rise Above" where the Taylor Gang captain really opens up about the boo birds.

"The same people that you look up to can turn around and end up being jealous of you and wanna bring you down," Wiz told MTV News while promoting his new album. "When that happened, that was really one of the things that motivated me to write that song and put that message out there, because it kinda touched me in a weird way."

The song features Pharrell, newcomer Tuki Carter and Wiz's boo Amber Rose, and on the track's hook, Khalifa breaks down the evolution of his haters. "First the love was there, then the paper came, then the haters came; we still rise above," he sings with a hazy harmony on the piano-laced song.

Wiz doesn't pay the anonymous haters much mind. Though he gets an overwhelming amount of love in his native Pittsburgh, there are a few rotten apples in his hometown bunch. "The majority of the hate that could affect me the most would come from my circle of people who I respect the most and that's in my city," he explained. "They went out of their way to try to discredit me or say bad things about me in front of people, and that really shocked me, because I always played my role."

Still, Khalifa can't be too concerned. After all, he has his loyal Taylor Gang in his corner, as well as his very pregnant model fiancée, who spits a few bars in support of her boo at the end of "Rise Above."

"Man, what the f--- is wrong with these n---as/ They rollin' up , let alone do a song with these n---as/ Claimin' they ballin', to me they playin'/ These n---as ain't really doin' what they sayin'," she raps at the fadeout.

Wiz, of course, gets a kick out of it all. "Yeah, that's my baby, man," he said with his patented Khalifa cackle. "She just came through chewin' it."

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