Kill The Noise's 'Part 1' Is MTV Clubland's Video Pick Of The Year!

For the rest of the top EDM videos of 2012, watch a special countdown episode of 'MTV Clubland' at 3 a.m. on MTV.

With 2012 coming to an end, "MTV Clubland" asked you, the fans, to vote for your favorite electronic dance music video of the year — and you had a lot of heavyweights to choose from.

Diplo, Porter Robinson, Alesso, Cazzette, Steve Aoki and Dada Life were among the formidable vidz in the running, and after the past few weeks of voting over at the Clubland site, the overwhelming winner for "MTV Clubland" Video Pick of the Year was Kill the Noise's post-apocalyptic zombie fest "Kill the Noise (Part 1)," directed by Mike Diva.

Tune in for a special countdown-style episode of "MTV Clubland" airing Wednesday at 3 a.m. on MTV for the rest of the top EDM videos of the year.

MTV News caught up with Kill the Noise himself, Jake Stanczak, and Diva in Los Angeles to give them the good news.

"We wanna thank you for voting for 'Kill the Noise (Part 1)' as 'MTV Clubland' 's Video Pick of the Year!" Stanczak exclaimed to all the fans.

"I really appreciate it," Diva added. "I had a blast making this video. Jake, you gave me an awesome song to work with."

With two EPs out this year, and a relentless touring schedule, it's fair to say 2012 has been a career-changing year for Kill the Noise. And he'd like to thank a long list of artists who have inspired him — a couple in particular.

"The artist that's inspired me this year, and the year before that, and for as long as I've known him, is Skrillex," Stanczak said. "He helped me on this EP [Kill Kill Kill] and the latest one I just put out. The Knife Party guys [Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, formerly of Pendulum], I've toured with them quite a bit this year. There's a really long list, but those guys stand out to me as being instrumental in my career."

For director Mike Diva, working on "Kill the Noise (Part 1)" is his highlight of the year — and for good reason. The video ended up over budget, rain made zombie makeup arduous to maintain, and apparently he couldn't keep the borrowed firearm props from being broken. Still, the finished product made the entire endeavor worth it.

"It's honestly everything I've wanted to do with a music video," he explained. "I love zombies. I love cyber-punk. I love post-apocalyptic stuff. And so I feel like I was finally able to put all of these elements to a song that I feel perfectly blended everything together and was something that I was really into. It was really a dream gig."

Kill the Noise is looking forward to a big touring year in 2013, and Mike Diva is set to shoot and direct Steve Aoki and Knife Party's video for "Pile Driver" this coming weekend.

Tune in for a special countdown-style episode of "MTV Clubland" airing Wednesday at 3 a.m. on MTV, featuring special messages from Kill the Noise and all of the nominees. You won't want to miss it! For all things EDM, follow @MTVClubland on Twitter.