Tiësto's Time Off Results In A 'Lot Of Half-Finished' Tracks

'We were in the studio for three days straight from the morning till the night,' Dutch dance-music star tells MTV News of his break from touring.

Tiësto, recently sidelined from touring with a back injury, has returned to "Maximal Crazy" mode, as evidenced by Australia's recent Stereosonic Music Festival.

His touring mantra — "Go big or go home" — was clear to fans watching a live stream of his cinematic performance before thousands of fans in Melbourne, which was brought to fans courtesy of Tiësto's new partnership with (RED). Now back on tour, in tennis playing form again and ready for the next DJ football match (probably happening in Miami in March), the Dutch dance-music veteran revealed to MTV News just what it was like to actually take time off, something he's hardly done in his entire career.

"I actually didn't know what to do with myself," Tiësto confessed. "I'm always so busy and all over the place, and to be just in one place for a month, and basically rest, was very weird for me. But I actually started to enjoy it in the end.

"I think I should do it more often — take one month off here and there," he continued. "It's actually nice. But I'm kind of a workaholic, so it's very hard for me to take time off. But I should do it more often."

Tiësto did seize the opportunity to head to the studio and work on new material with some Swedish friends of his. (It's worth noting these friends aren't any of the EDM giants you're thinking of.)

"Not finished tracks, but I came up with a lot of new ideas," he revealed. "I have a lot of half-finished tracks. I actually had time to sit down with some great songwriters. We were just jamming in the studio, and there was no time pressure. We were in the studio for three days straight, from the morning till the night, just singing songs and playing guitar and making beats. So it was very different than how I normally work."

With the songs still in their early stages, Tiësto couldn't divulge too much more in terms of details. Now rested, and fully recovered, he's back in his typically relentless touring schedule, which will take him through February and the completion of his second College Invasion Tour.

"I have a lot of catching up to do now, because that whole month of touring I had to postpone, so I didn't cancel it," he said. "We took all the dates and took them to next year. So I still have to go do that 25-date run in a row. So I gotta make up for it. I gotta work actually twice as hard as I normally do."