Ed Sheeran Celebrates Grammy Nom With 'Mental Night,' New Ink

After being 'kidnapped' by the Wanted following his nomination last week, 'The A Team' singer promises to get a 'Grammy tattoo.'

Ed Sheeran can't believe he's a Grammy nominee. The red-haired British singer/songwriter is still reeling — and healing — from all the celebrating he did last week when he learned his somber + track "The A Team" is up for Song of the Year.

Yes, that's right, we said he's still healing. "I got kidnapped by The Wanted boys. They took me on their tour bus and I found out after six or seven beers, which for me, I'm a very cheap date. I can't really handle too many beers," he told MTV News last Friday backstage at the Jingle Ball show in New York City. Their partying took place somewhere on the road between Jingle Ball gigs last Wednesday night after the Grammy nominations were announced. "So I was in a state anyway and, yeah, I just had loads of giggle fits."

In addition to those giggle fits, Sheeran did some other celebrating, but those details are a bit fuzzier. "I had bruises on me and stuff. I didn't know where they'd come from. It was a pretty mental night," he admitted.

While details of that night remain a mystery, Sheeran's penchant for body ink isn't. He will definitely add to his ink collection by getting another tat — this time to commemorate his Grammy nomination. "I'm gonna get a Grammy tattoo if I win a Grammy," he said. "I'm gonna get one anyway — a nomination, man, it's the sh--."

While it's been a pretty stellar breakout year for Sheeran, he doesn't believe he has much of a chance to actually win the Grammy come February. He thinks he's got some stiff competition courtesy of Fun.'s "We Are Young," Miguel's "Adorn," Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." So who does he think will take it?

"I don't necessarily think I will [win]," he said. "I think Fun. will probably get it. Fun.'s [song] was huge. I haven't even had a hit with this song yet. I was surprised to be nominated. So I'm more than happy with what I've got."