One Direction 3-D Movie Shoot Takes On New York City

'It's just going to be nice, obviously, for the fans to see a bit more in-depth side of us,' Harry Styles tells MTV News.

NEW YORKOne Direction took full advantage of their recent visit to the Big Apple. The boy band played a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden and performed alongside music's elite at Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert, and member Harry Styles seems to have found romance with none other than Taylor Swift.

That's not all the guys were up to on their visit to New York City. In addition to getting tattoos and enjoying some face time with a New York City police officer, the guys of 1D were also filming scenes for their upcoming 3-D movie.

MTV News caught up with Styles and Liam Payne on the red carpet of the Jingle Ball concert and they confirmed that filming is well under way.

"It's been good, we've had cameras with us for a while now," Styles said of filming. "It's just going to be nice, obviously, for the fans to see a bit more in-depth side of us. And for us it's going to be nice to watch it back as well and see the stuff we've been doing when we're a bit older. So that's exciting."

Directioners are counting down the days until the flick, directed by Morgan Spurlock, hits theaters in August 2013. And even though cameras will be following their every move, Payne doesn't seem to mind, mainly because it gets him out of trouble with his parents.

"My mom and dad are always telling me to take photos," Payne said. "But now [that] we have a film crew, I guess they can let me off. It's all good."

Payne also commented on his bandmate Louis Tomlinson's recent brush with the law. Payne referred to Tomlinson as a "naughty boy" after he was pulled over by police while hanging out of his SUV's sunroof while driving through the streets of New York.

Tomlinson also made headlines when he and fellow 1D member Zayn Malik got fresh ink while visiting New York. Last week, the bandmates got new tattoos, with Malik getting the letters "MSG" inscribed on his arm, following the concert the group played at the famed NYC arena.

According to Styles, he was supposed to get in on the action but just didn't have the energy following the group's hectic schedule.

"I wanted to," Styles said. "But I was a bit tired."

Payne added, "Me too, but my mom would have probably killed me."