Miley Cyrus Joins Borgore For Topless Dance Party

'Special guest' Miley helped the DJ sing 'Decisions' during L.A. performance Saturday.

Miley Cyrus returned to the stage over the weekend for what might be one of her most risqué performances. The singer, looking particularly sexy in a buzz cut, crop top, skin-tight pants and over-the-knee snakeskin boots, performed alongside Israeli DJ Borgore Saturday night.

The DJ took the stage at the Music Box in Los Angeles and the singer joined him at around 1:30 a.m. to perform their track, "Decisions." It wasn't just Cyrus' look that was sexy — it how she was performing.

In footage posted online, Borgore told the room, "I promised you a special guest. Who's ready for my special guest? Make some noise!" and as soon as the track started playing, Borgore came out from behind his ice cream truck DJ booth and joined the scantily clad Miley onstage.

While onstage, Miley grinded, head banged and danced alongside a topless dancer onstage with the twosome. As she walked off stage, Borgore told the room, "Make some noise for f---ing Miley Cyrus!"

"I really wanted her here, really," he told Rolling Stone about asking the former Disney princess to join him at the show. He added that he never questioned his decision to work with Cyrus, "I didn't think twice before I did this. I was so certain this is gonna work."

Cyrus appeared alongside Borgore (and fiancé Liam Hemsworth) in a video for the track back in November. It features the twosome partying the night away, covered in cake — an allusion to the chorus of the track where Cyrus sings "Decisions, but I want it all so I get it all/ I wanna eat the whole cake/ I'm not sharing, I'm not sharing/ You should have learned how to bake."

The 20-year-old isn't just lending her voice to the Borgore track. She's also hard at work on her next album, hitting the studio with Pharrell and Mac Miller, reports. "I'm really proud of the album," Cyrus said. "It's my favorite thing I've done probably ever. It's all really different."

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