'Catfish' Has You Hooked, But What's Next?

Nev and Max celebrate the show's success and preview tonight's episode.

You might feel a little voyeuristic watching MTV's "Catfish," as young adults let you in on the intimate details of their years-long online relationships and you're right by their side as they discover whether their digital partner is who they've claimed to be.

But know this: You're not alone. Since its premiere last month, "Catfish" has become the #1 show at 11 p.m. for viewers ages 12 to 34 — a feat that stars Nev Schulman and Max Joseph aren't taking lightly.

"It's super exciting," Schulman told MTV News of the success. "Max and I spent all summer on the road making this show. We knew how much these people had been affected and how amazing these stories were, and we saw the change in people's lives. It was super exciting for us to be part of that. But, of course, you never really know how an audience is going to react. So it's been really fun. It's so exciting to see people really engaging and enjoying the show and getting it."

Now that you've been on the roller-coaster ride of the first four episodes — which have involved everything from exotic dancers to an elaborate revenge plot to a digital romance that's lasted a decade — where can things possibly go from here? On tonight's (December 10) new episode, premiering at 11 p.m. ET on MTV, we meet Jarrod, who's head over heels for a girl named Abby he met on Facebook.

Nev and Max were instantly won over by the sincere, hard-working single dad, and they wondered why he hadn't won over the ladies so far.

"For us, the first reaction was, 'Why is this guy having such a hard time meeting someone? He's such a sweetheart,' " Schulman wondered. "And then, of course, as he told us more about Abby and his relationship with her, I began to understand the attraction. And for a guy who is so sweet and finds himself in everybody's friend zone, here's a girl who sees him as a sexy, attractive guy and wants to help him raise his daughter, so I understood."

But is she the girl she says she is? You can check out a 10-minute preview of Jarrod's episode below, and then tune in tonight at 11 p.m. on MTV for the full story.

"Catfish" airs every Monday at 11 p.m. ET on MTV. For more, check out MTV's Remote Control blog.