Frank Ocean's Grammy-Nominated Channel Orange: Odd Future Fight Over Their Fave Tracks

Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt were also quick to clown MTV News' emo vote for 'Thinkin Bout You.'

Frank Ocean's Channel Orange is nominated for Album of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards, and we can't say that we're surprised.

There's the hopelessly romantic "Thinkin Bout You," which nominated in a separate category for Record of the Year, and the nearly 10-minute-long, strip-club ode "Pyramids." And while OF die-hards may have a hard time picking a favorite, a few months ago, MTV News polled the Wolf Gang to find out which Channel Orange tracks they were tuned into, and they had a couple interesting picks.

"Probably 'Crack Rock,' " Tyler, the Creator answered. "I was there when [Frank] recorded it so I just seen the whole sh-- get built, it's like a really cool song. I f---s with that the most."

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The ill-fated "Crack Rock" definitely captures the loving-yet-tragic nature of Channel Orange, but OFWGKTA photographer Sagan Lockhart went in a different direction with his pick. "I probably gotta go with 'Pink Matter,' Andre 3000," he said of the track which features the Outkast star.

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That was until Tyler whispered in his ear and Lockhart humorously changed his choice to a song that doesn't ... exist. "[Or] #26, I'll probably go with that track. The bonus track," he said, obviously under Tyler's mischievous influence.

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You'd think Earl Sweatshirt would be most fond of "Super Rich Kids," the bouncy crowd-favorite in which he drops a multi-syllabic verse. But nope, the once-exiled Earl was in agreement with Tyler: "I like 'Crack Rock,' " he blurted right before OF's de-facto leader slapped him in the face for stealing his pick.

"I can like the same song," Earl yelled out in retaliation.

Yes, we can all like the same song.

What's your favorite track from Frank Ocean's Grammy-nominated Channel Orange? Let us know in the comments!