Was Nicki Minaj Snubbed From A Grammy Nomination?

After three nods and a huge performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj doesn't make 2013 nominations list.

The Grammy nominations list always packs a few surprises, and certainly a few punches — just ask Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun — and one of this year's surprises was Nicki Minaj's exclusion from the list, especially in light of her presence at the 2012 awards.

At this time last year Nicki Minaj was celebrating three nominations and gearing up for her first Grammys performance. She was up for the coveted Best New Artist award, in addition to Best Rap Album for Pink Friday and Best Rap Performance for the Drake-featured single "Moment 4 Life."

Although she didn't take home any trophies during the awards show, Nicki did make quite a splash, debuting her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded single "Roman Holiday" with a theatrical performance that made the Catholic League squirm, and even before that by walking the red carpet in a red robe, with a pope look-alike in tow.

For the 2013 Grammy Awards however, Minaj will not have the same impact. The nominations list was revealed on Wednesday night, with no trace of the YMCMB rapper in any category. Her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded was released in April, making the Grammys consideration deadline and bearing electro-pop singles like "Starships" and "Pound the Alarm," but none of them made enough of an impact to earn her a nod.

Over the past few months the Queens-bred rapper has continued to expand her brand, landing a new judging role on "American Idol," launching her Pink Friday fragrance and even executive producing a series of E! specials about her busy career. Still, none of that translated to a Grammy nomination.

Minaj's legion of Babrz had plenty to say about the "snub" when the full list was announced, and a few of them extended the sentiments to Bieber, who was also shut out this year. "So Nicki Minaj didn't get nominated for not even 1 Grammy nomination. I'm surprised," @newlukaspuentes wrote, while ‏@ErtheStJames added, "shocked that Nicki Minaj + Justin Beiber have NO Grammy nominations," and ‏@newcleopatra noted in disbelief, "Hold up, Nicki Minaj isn't nominated for ANY Grammy's. Something aint right."

On the flip side, some music lovers weren't so sensitive to Minaj and Bieber's exclusion, with ‏@Crislex writing, "Yall tripping if yall think Nicki Minaj deserves even a grammy noms" and ‏@anicachouinard chiming in with "Neither justin bieber or nicki minaj were nominated for a Grammy this year..the music industry is finally starting to come to their senses."

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