Frank Ocean's Grammy Nods Are 'Well-Deserved,' Odd Future Raves

While Ocean remained relatively quiet about his six nominations, his OFWGKTA gang was plenty vocal about their excitement.

A tornado flew around and then all of a sudden, Frank Ocean found himself with a gang of Grammy nominations for the upcoming 55th annual awards ceremony.

There was a definite whirlwind Wednesday night and when the dust finally settled, the Odd Future singer/songwriter earned himself six nominations, tying with Fun., Jay-Z, Kanye West and Mumford & Sons for the most nods. In addition to an Album of the Year nod for his major-label debut Channel Orange, Ocean was also recognized in the Best New Artist category and has a shot a winning Record of the Year thanks to his single "Thinkin Bout You."

"Wow... .., " Ocean posted on his Tumblr in reaction before adding a: "WTF."

The usually reserved Frank then posted a surprised emoticon face and then called it a night.

Outside of the studio, Ocean is a man of very few words, but he has a pretty boisterous cheerleading section in his OFWGKTA bandmates. "YELLOW SUIT READY? @frank_ocean MY N---A," Tyler, the Creator tweeted.

"SICKKKKKK," added Earl Sweatshirt, who is featured on Ocean's CO cut "Super Rich Kids."


Now OF are known for being zany and sometimes unhinged, but oddly enough it was the group's managers Chris and Kelly Clancy who became the most excited on the social networking site. "my heart is beating out of my chest... literally...," Kelly wrote before sending out a pic on Instagram.

"Album of the f---ing year. Wow. Wow. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha," an elated Chris tweeted before really capturing the emotion of the moment for Frank and his family. "Got the eyes going. Hearing his mom scream through the phone is pretty awesome. So grateful. Wow."

How many awards do you believe Frank Ocean will win at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards? Let us know in the comments!