Taylor Swift, Harry Styles: A Place In Pop Star Romance History?

Haylor may rank among Jelena, Miley and Nick, Demi and Joe Jonas.

People cannot stop talking about the blossoming romance between superstars Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles — and for good reason!

They are two of music's biggest names. They're young and presumably innocent. There will likely be great music to come from their relationship; what's not to like about young love between two adored celebrities? It's all sweet and wonderful and full of youthful promise, for a while. Plus it makes sense when two pop stars connect on a romantic level, they have several very unique things in common that few people can share and/or survive together, like dealing with the pressures of fame, insane tour schedules, and other assorted career and celebrity-related demands.

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Now naturally, we want what is best for Swift and Styles — their happiness, whether it is separate or shared. However if history repeats itself, which it often does particularly with short-lived celeb romances, the excitement over "Haylor" will come to an abrupt end when the relationship ends, which will lead to a whole other mess of headlines. And if the fallout and hoopla surrounding the relationships of several other famous pop star couples are any example, the breakup drama is as big a deal as the early romance itself.

It's not all sadness and tears and heartbreak, some love does last after all — or is at least rekindled a few times — and if the relationship doesn't last, it sometimes generates a few memorable breakup tunes. Here are a few recent examples of pop star romances past/ongoing:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Swift and Styles probably have the most in common with these teen-turned-young-adult sensations, who had a meet-cute back in late 2010 when Bieber's manager Scooter Braun reached out to Gomez's team to schedule a friendly hang-out. Although Swift bestie Gomez claimed the two were just friends for a time, relationship rumors swirled and they made their romance public at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. The couple made headlines whenever they appeared together — one of our favorite moments was when Gomez co-hosted our 2011 VMA pre-show and interviewed Bieber, during which he snuck a very cute kiss. The romance hit a road block in November when they reportedly broke up amid rumors of Bieber flirting with models at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. But hope is not lost for this likable pair, as the two have been spotted together recently, bolstering fans' hopes that they can work things out. And Swift seems to have taken a page from Gomez's reunion-minded handbook, since she was crushing on Styles as early as March and decided to give him another look last month.

Katy Perry and John Mayer

These two might be the most experienced in dealing with dating in the public eye, given both stars' previous high-profile relationships, so when Perry and Mayer started dating earlier this summer, people were ready to anoint them the next musical power couple — until they reportedly broke up after only a few months of dating back in August. Their split was short-lived, however, as the two have been spotted at restaurants together and in attendance at their respective birthday parties on opposite coasts. Clearly, Swift and Mayer have a history (see: the song "Dear John"), but her young romance with Styles and his slightly more mature bond with Perry seems like a better fit.

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

These two lovebirds had a very happy start, because they began as good friends after filming the Disney movie "Camp Rock" and later touring together. They went public with their more-than-friends status in March 2010 via a joint interview with Ryan Seacrest and admitted they'd felt that things would eventually "go there," but it didn't last very long. Just a few months after announcing their romance, the couple confirmed a split, but just as their relationship began, the two vowed to remain friends. Lovato, meanwhile, has been romantically linked to Styles' bandmate Niall Horan — so maybe she could double-date with Haylor?

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas

Way before Cyrus made headlines in dating and later becoming engaged to her "Last Song" co-star Liam Hemsworth, she caused a publicity storm for her teen and tween fans when she dated Nick Jonas, a romance that began way back in 2006 — according to Cyrus' autobiography, in which she referred to Jonas as "Prince Charming." The couple, known as "Niley" at the time, had an on-again, off-again relationship through 2009. Their relationship and now friendship inspired several songs: Cyrus' "7 Things," the duet "Before the Storm" and "Wedding Bells." Their relationship may have come to an end, but it's pretty similar to Swift and Styles', given Cyrus' country roots and Jonas' boy-band beginnings. Here's hoping Haylor have a happier ending?