Best Of 2012: 15 Totally Quotable Movie Lines

James Bond, 'The Hunger Games' and the Dark Knight himself all make the cut of our favorite film quotes of the year.

When looking back on an entire year of movies, there are many different ways to try to encapsulate the ups and down, the blockbusters and the flops, but few roundups can capture the essence of 52 weeks of cinema quite like the best quotes.

As we learned this year, a memorable line can grow into something much bigger. It can spawn a series of memes and its own Internet culture, sum up an entire movie, or even make you see an iconic character in an entirely different light. They're the lines that will stick with us and ultimately help us remember the year in movies.

These are the 15 best quotes from the movies of 2012:

"That's my secret, Cap: I'm always angry." — Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in "The Avengers"

"Call it 'The Slut and the Falcon.' Make us solve crimes." — Ezra Miller as Patrick in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

"I'm the mother----er that found this place." — Jessica Chastain as Maya in "Zero Dark Thirty"

"So that's what that feels like." — Christian Bale as Batman in "The Dark Knight Rises"

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"Cleanse them. Cleanse the world of their ignorance and sin. Bathe them in the crimson of ... am I on speakerphone?" — Tim De Zarn as Mordecai in "The Cabin in the Woods"

"That is mahogany!" — Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket in "The Hunger Games"

"What makes you think this is my first time?" — Daniel Craig as James Bond in "Skyfall"

"I am the president of the United State of America, clothed in immense power. You will procure me these votes." — Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln in "Lincoln"

"In a million years, when kids go to school, they gonna know: Once there was a Hushpuppy, and she lived with her daddy in the Bathtub." — Quvenzhané Wallis as Hushpuppy in "Beasts of the Southern Wild"

"Argo f--- yourself." — Alan Arkin as Lester Siegel in "Argo"

"One particle of unobtainium has a nuclear reaction with the flux capacitor — carry the '2' — changing its atomic isotoner into a radioactive spider. F--- you, science!" — Channing Tatum as Jenko in "21 Jump Street"

"Fact is, the law says you cannot touch, but I think I see a lot of lawbreakers up in this house tonight." — Matthew McConaughey as Dallas in "Magic Mike"

"I don't want to talk about time travel, because if we start talking about it then we're going to be here all day talking about it, making diagrams with straws." — Bruce Willis as Old Joe in "Looper"

"The 'D' is silent." — Jamie Foxx as Django in "Django Unchained"

"Take a whiff." — Taylor Lautner in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"

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