Eminem Has A Boy-Band-Loving Daughter?

Hailie Mathers appeared to declare her One Direction love on Twitter, going against years of her dad's 'NSYNC and Backstreet distaste.

Editor's note: After this story was published, Eminem's rep told E! News that the Twitter account reported to belong to Hailie Mathers was not actually hers.

Fans who found themselves torn between their love for Eminem and their devotion to boy bands like 'NSYNC during the heyday of "TRL" can find some comfort in the fact that Shady's teenage daughter, Hailie Mathers, is totally gaga for the same pop-culture heartthrobs her dad openly despised in some of his greatest songs.

In 2000, at the height of the boy-band era, Eminem released his Marshall Mathers LP with its memorable title track bearing these unforgettable lyrics: "I'm anti-Backstreet and Ricky Martin/ With instincts to kill 'NSYNC, don't get me started/ These f---ing brats can't sing, and Britney's garbage."

Despite Em's lyrics, there was plenty of crossover within his young female fanbase, who also pined for squeaky-clean blondes like Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter, but it wasn't until this week when Hailie expressed her fanaticism for One Direction that everything seemed to come full-circle.

Eminem fans became familiar with Hailie over the course of his albums and tracks like "Hailie's Song," but the tween has remained under the radar compared to most celebrity kids. This week, though, she took to Twitter to express her distaste for Taylor Swift's budding relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles and blew our minds.

"If @taylorswift13 is really dating the love of my life @harry_styles i will not be happy.!" Hailie wrote, adding, "I, am never, ever, everrrrr, listening to your music againnnn @taylorswift13. LIKE EVER."

Hailie's Twitter page is currently unavailable, but from those passionate tweets, it's clear she feels as strongly about One Direction as the previous generation felt about 'NSYNC and Backstreet Boys during their reign. Over the past few years, Eminem has expanded his horizons, collaborating with pop artists like Rihanna and Pink, but we wonder how he feels about Hailie's passion for boy bands? We guess girls will be girls, right?