Future Is Putting Past Behind Him To Make Music With Drake

'If we do music, we're gonna do music together and let the lawyers talk,' Future says of his upcoming collaborations with the YMCMB star.

The first time Future and Drake collaborated, things went awry, but he and Drizzy have since cleared the air and are back at work in the studio.

It all started when the YMCMB cash cow hopped on the remix to Future's breakout single "Tony Montana" last year. The track became a fan favorite, started climbing up the charts and things seemed to be all good, until Drake didn't take part in the song's video shoot. In an interview with The Source, Future called the move a slap in the face, but today he's much more understanding.

"It gets blown out of proportion because when I did the interview I said what I said, but they cut the interview off when I was sayin' that I knew it might've been his management, it might've been his team," Future explained to MTV News on Monday. "It be more to it when you're doin' videos and you're doin' verses. It takes a team effort sometimes and I didn't understand that when I was first gettin' in the game."

The fact is the pair squashed their issue long ago. In May, Future joined Drake onstage during the Atlanta stop on his Club Paradise Tour to perform "Tony Montana" and now they are back in the studio working on new tunes. "Everything all good, we're just working in the studio," the Astronaut Kid told us.

Future can't guarantee how exactly these new tracks will be rolled out, because as he's learned the music business is bigger than just what goes on in the studio. "I'll never know if it will happen... I just gotta do the music," he said. "I ain't even thinkin' about that. If I think about that we would have never gotten back in the studio.

"If we do music, we're gonna do music together and let the lawyers talk, let the labels do their thing, let the managers do their thing," he ended.

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