Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Fans Pick Top Jelena Moments

From splashy vacations to that Staples Center date, Beliebers weigh in on Jelena's best times.

Believe it or not, fans are onboard for the Jelena reconciliation.

As Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continue to defy last month's short-lived breakup rumors (just this week, they hit up L.A.'s Jingle Ball concert hand-in-hand), fans are looking back on some of Jelena's cutest moments.

In the two years the couple has been together, there have been some really adorable moments, including high-profile red-carpet photo ops and sunny beach vacations. So when MTV News caught up with some Beliebers last week in New York, they broke down their top Jelena highlights of all time.

"My favorite moment that I have of the two of them is when Selena was at one of her concerts and Justin surprised her," Adriana Cronin said, referring to a gig she played in July 2011 when Bieber popped onstage with her. "I thought that was really cute."

While Justin and Selena have been on a few memorable vacations during their time together, Annika Elwell recalls a May 2011 escapade to Hawaii as her favorite getaway. "My favorite Justin and Selena moment was when they were in Hawaii together. They had so much fun on the beach," she said, with her pal Willa Neubauer adding, "And they were on the jet skis. They're just cute together."

Justin and Selena forever! Fans are all for a Jelena reunion.

Catherine Witkowski picked the gold star of Jelena moments: the time Bieber rented out Staples Center for dinner and a movie back in September 2011. "I thought it was cute when he did the Staples Center for her and they watched 'Titanic,' " she said. "I thought that was really cute."

Andrew Provencher, however, noted that he was a fan of some of the couple's more recent relationship drama, most notably a sushi date that didn't end so happily for the couple. "Probably the moment that just happened, when they got into an argument at dinner and he chased her back to her house and she didn't let him in," he said.

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