Taylor Swift's Inevitable Harry Styles Track: Our Predictions

She's penned a song about almost every ex, so will Harry's be an angry kiss-off or a mushy ballad?

Ah young love, so sweet and innocent and full of promise, it's no wonder that the blossoming romance between superstars Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles has caused a sensation. We love to watch, analyze and think nostalgically about young love, so why not obsess about it when it involves two of music's biggest names? While we can't predict anything about the future of the relationship, we can only hope for the best and the continued happiness for two of our favorite musicians.

One thing we can predict is that we will eventually know plenty of details about the romance, however it plays out, via a future song penned by Swift. And word on the street is that "I Knew You Were Trouble" is about Styles, so she's off to a good start.

Here is our guesstimate at singles we can expect to see/hear from the "Trouble" singer in the near future.

"I Still Know You're Trouble"

Because everyone loves a bad boy, whether in song or in real life, and because we like to think that Swift has more to add to her latest single, "I Still Know You're Trouble" will be upbeat and still feature the "aww shucks"-ness of being infatuated with someone, but have more of an edge. Maybe it will feature more electric guitar and self-reflection on Swift's part about playing with proverbial fire when it comes to dating "bad boys."

"Love Is A Walk Through Central Park"

This one is of course inspired by Swift and Styles' recent trip to the Central Park Zoo and will have the Nashville-based country queen going back to her roots with a sweet, sentimental ballad. There will be lyrics about the crisp but not-too-chilly weather, the poetry of leaves falling, the smell of the air and how all you need for warmth is the perfect hand to hold.

"You Belong In America"

At some point in every relationship you reach a bumpy road or rocky path, and we foresee Swift and Styles' being their different cities of residence and crazy tour schedules. Therefore, we have to expect a somber tune about trying to stay in touch with someone who is far away or trying not to be sad about not being able to put your arms around the one you love because of distance and circumstance. Maybe, just maybe, this one could be a duet with both Swift and Styles singing a very sad song.

"What Makes You Ugly"

Again, we only wish for the continued happiness of Swift and Styles, but the odds of their romance eventually coming to an end are high. The question here is how happily or messily the relationship ends, which will dictate whether we get a fired-up angry break-up song or a softer, more heartbroken one, a la Lauryn Hill's classic breakup jam "Ex-factor."

"Maybe It's Me"

Once feelings have ceased to be hurt and both parties have moved on, we can expect Swift to pen an introspective or self-reflective piece about what she was thinking before, during and after this relationship, along with analysis of what went wrong along the way. This one will be another heartfelt ballad, of course, with an uplifting and optimistic ending and maybe the happy addition of a banjo or two.

What do you think Taylor will write about Harry? Leave your comment below!