Ellie Goulding Says She And Ex Skrillex Remain 'Big Fans Of Each Other'

Though she just released 'Figure 8' as a new single, Goulding says she'd love to record more songs with her ex, Skrillex.

Ellie Goulding got ethereal in her video for "Anything Could Happen," which told the story of a pair of lovers separated by death (no "SPOILER ALERT" necessary, since the clip's been out for like seven months now). So, having already gone ghostly, when it came time to shoot a video for "Figure 8," the second song off her Halcyon album, she decided to go in the opposite direction.

"I kind of just wanted to put into one video the desperation of unrequited love; I didn't want to do anything that conceptual, I just wanted to do something just, you now, very performance [driven]," she told MTV News, "and try to get across as much as possible how horrible, how heartbreaking, how desperate and hopeless it is. But there's also a bit in it where I say 'lovers hold on,' so there's a little hopeful element to it as well."

Of course, though she loathes to discuss it, Goulding's own love life took a turn recently, when she split with Skrillex, her beau of a year. But that doesn't mean that the two haven't remained close ... in fact, she's hoping they'll get to work together in the future, like they did on "Bittersweet," a song featured on the Breaking Dawn -- Part 2 soundtrack.

"I think we'd like to do some more stuff together, if we get a chance," Goulding said. "We're both still big fans of each other, and nothing changes that, so, if we get a chance, we will."

And though "Figure 8" has just been released as a single, Goulding's already thinking ahead to the next track she'd like to release off her album ... of course, she's going to have to wait a while before that happens: Seems that audiences here in the U.S. still can't get enough of her breakout hit "Lights," which, she'll be the first to admit, isn't exactly the worst problem to have.

"I'm hoping [the next single] will be the song with Calvin Harris, 'I Need Your Love' it's called, and I love it so much, we wrote it together," she said. "But I don't know, 'Lights' just won't go away, so I have to wait for that to happen. I know, I know. Poor me."

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