One Direction Fans Crushed By Haylor Rumors

'I love Taylor Swift, I love Harry, but he's mine. Sorry,' one fan tells MTV News.

It seems that Taylor Swift and One Direction's Harry Styles are on the road to romance (or maybe they're already there).

On Monday, Haylor was photographed hand-in-hand arriving at Swift's hotel around 4 a.m. after a long night out in New York City. Swift partied and sang karaoke alongside her rumored boy-band beau and the rest of One Direction following their sold-out headlining show at Madison Square Garden. This is the second time Swift and Styles have been seen in public together, with the two previously strolling through Central Park on Sunday, igniting those long-standing rumors that they were an item.

Fans, not surprisingly, have come up with their own opinions of this new couple, and MTV News wanted to find out their thoughts. We asked some of the biggest Directioners who were attending One Direction's Madison Square Garden concert to weigh in on the Haylor romance.

"I really like Taylor Swift as a person and Harry Styles as a person, but I don't really like them together," Ana Worthingston said. "If Harry's really happy with Taylor then bravo, congratulations, whatever floats your boat."

Another Directioner weighed in, "I truly don't like it because I feel like she's not good enough for him, he can do a lot better, but that's just my opinion."

So who, in their opinion, would be the perfect match for Harry? Well, they would be.

"I'm marrying Harry," Anna Gardner stated.

"I love Taylor Swift, I love Harry," Alana Pettus said. "But he's mine, sorry."

And while we did find one supporter who gave her seal of approval for Haylor saying, "I think they're a cute couple," fans are a little worried that the Styles/Swift love story might end up on her next album.

"I just wouldn't like if she wrote a song about him," Julissa Tejedn said.

What is your opinion of the Haylor relationship? Let us know in the comments.