Rihanna And Future Never Met, But Share A Beautiful 'Loveeeeeee Song'

Future tells MTV News how he and Rih-Rih 'connected in another way' for the Unapologetic duet.

When recording heartfelt duets, chemistry is everything, and judging from Rihanna and Future's swoony "Loveeeeeee Song," the unlikely duo share a special energy. If you close your eyes while listening you can almost picture the pair in the studio, looking into each other's eyes singing of love and affection — except that's not how it happened at all.

"We connected, it's something with the universe, something in the air that we haven't even got a chance to find out yet, because we've yet to have met face-to-face," Future revealed to MTV News on Monday while in New York promoting the re-release of his debut LP Pluto 3D.

Even if the track doesn't quite live up to the fantasy, "Loveeeeeee Song" remains one of Rih's stand-out tracks on her powerful Unapologetic LP. Future, with his masterful off-key croon, provides the hook, while the pop princess openly yearns for the attention of a neglectful lover. By the time the synthy slow jam turns to the third verse, Future and Fenty trade chords back and forth like a digital-era Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. "When I hold you close, you could feel my heart beating through my clothes," they both sing in new-age harmony.

"The feel and vibe is nice, you couldn't even tell that by listening to the song, you'd think that we was in the studio, we was around each other [or] we knew each other," Future said of the song which he also produced, but Jay-Z named, insisting on having seven E's in the title.

It's not that the pair went in completely blind. "I talked to her, we had several conversations, but it wasn't one of those situations," he said. "I believe we connected in another way and like I said we just haven't met each other yet so when we meet each other I don't know how it's gonna be, because the music is already a smash.

"It's gonna be crazy, I already know," he said.

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