The Wanted Say They Could 'Get Arrested' If One Direction Feud Heats Up: Watch Now!

'It's nothing we haven't done before, so we'll see,' Max George tells MTV News before rival boy bands hit up New York together.

Those of us expecting a boy-band battle between the Wanted and One Direction during Friday's annual Z100 Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden may have to lower their expectations, because it seems this feud may be left as a war of words.

The Wanted and One Direction have been exchanging jabs at each other for quite some time, with the Wanted's Max George recently calling out to 1D that if they have a problem they can "come and see me in New York."

Well, MTV News recently caught up with the guys from the Wanted at KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles, where they told us you may not be seeing any fists fly. That's because if a showdown does occur there may be some legal ramifications.

The Wanted vs. One Direction: Is their feud heating up or cooling down?

"It started off as plain fun I think and then I think one of them started getting a bit arsey and started getting a bit serious," George said of the feud. "Which we tried to play off still as a joke but then it carried on so we just put it out there, 'If you got an actual problem come see us in New York.' But I'm not sure they will, I think people have been in contact saying if we go near them we can have our Visas taken off of us and all this sh--."

Nathan Sykes added, "And get arrested, apparently."

"Well we don't care," George said. "It's nothing we haven't done before so we'll see."

Directioners and TWFanmily will be eagerly awaiting this outcome between the two boy bands, who at one time were on good terms. However, that quickly changed last month when, after the Wanted were "bad mouthing" 1D. Louis Tomlinson told Now magazine, "if you want to create that rivalry, then let's do it."

It didn't take long for the guys of the Wanted to respond to Tomlinson's remarks in Glamour U.K., with member Jay McGuiness publically inviting One Direction to hash out their differences while in New York.

As if those comments weren't enough back-and-forth, Zayn Malik and Max George decided to take things to another level, trading insults via Twitter after George posted a photo of himself with Psy. After exchanging several unpleasantries, the squabble again ended with George welcoming the boys of One Direction to "tell me you're problems without the 8 security in NYC. The only problem I have with you is the sh-- banter. Grow up son."

Fans will certainly be on the edge of their seats at Z100's Jingle Ball concert, and this year, it might not be for the music.