Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Gets Jersey-fied By 'Shore' Star Vinny

During his Instagab, Vinny tells MTV News about learning the dance from the Korean pop star in exchange for a crash course in fist-pumping.

After Vinny Guadagnino uploaded a photo of himself and his "Jersey Shore" castmates with Psy to Instagram, many were wondering just what brought the K-pop king and MTV royalty face-to-face.

"We were at Us Weekly doing a photo shoot," Vinny told MTV news about the snapshot. "He was there and I had just made a viral video to 'Gangnam Style' with my little cousins and all of Us Weekly knew about it so they wanted to introduce him to me personally."

While Psy gave the entire cast a tutorial on his famous dance moves, he didn't walk away empty-handed. Not only did Vinny show Psy his personal rendition of "Gangnam Style" — "My cast was too cool to do it," Vinny said — but the group also gave the Korean sensation a how-to on fist pumping.

"I didn't want to do it in front of him because he's the master," Vinny said about getting his "Gangnam Style" on for Psy. "I got up there instead and was like, 'Oh, is this how you do it?' And he's just looking at me like, 'You stupid guido.' "

But Vinny's adventures don't stop with Psy. MTV recently announced he will soon be hooking up with a lot more celebs as the host of the upcoming spin-off "The Show With Vinny." In the talk show, some of Hollywood's finest will join Vinny at his Staten Island, New York, home for a sit-down filled with laughs and surprises.

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