King L Reigns Over Chicago's Drill Scene With Drilluminati

Mixtape Daily scopes out the hottest joints from the Chi-town MC's latest.

Main Pick

Headliner: King L

Representing: Chicago, Illinois

Mixtape: Drilluminati

Real Spit: King L plays the ambassador role pretty well. While the rest of the country is still catching up to Chicago's next-gen hip-hop scene, Louie proudly puts the city on his back. His upcoming mixtape Drilluminati is the proof.

"I decided to name the mixtape Drilluminati due to the new trend in Chicago, which is drill," King L told Mixtape Daily. "The drill trend. We call it drill-hop out there in Chicago, so that's why I decided to name it that and run with that for the title of the mixtape."

Louie, who inked a deal with Epic Records earlier this year has been laying a solid foundation with mixtapes like Motion Picture and hard-hitting singles like "Too Cool" and "Val Venus," but a well-timed Kanye West shout-out didn't hurt either. Back in May, Yeezy dropped an assist in the form of a lyric on his remix to Chief Keef's break-out "I Don't Like." "Shout-out to L.E.P., J Boogie, right?/ Chief Keef, King Louie, this is Chi, right," 'Ye spit.

Now with Drilluminati, it's clear that Louie has no plans of letting up. Take the syrup ode "O.D." for instance, where the street-bred MC pledges to pour up until he overdoses over a slow-rolling synth-soaked beat. The infectious and Sonny Digital-produced "2 Pair" is just as catchy as his fan favorite "Too Cool" with its repetitive hook and "Money Ain't Sh--," which was produced by Mike Will (Rihanna's "Pour Up"), is prime for the clubs. No wonder King Louie is next in line to hold Chi-Town's crown.

Joints To Check For

» "2 Pair" — "It's just a real fun track, went in the studio and just knocked it out. It's just a hot joint."

» "B.R.O.K.E." — "My meaning of broke isn't broke, it's Ballin' Reckless On Kids Everyday, so that's what 'B.R.O.K.E.' stands for."

» "Money Ain't Sh--" — "Money's nothin' to me. It's never been so we just did that. Produced by Mike Will, he made it. It's just a hot joint. "