Rihanna Crafted 'Right Now' By 'Gluing' Together Hip-Hop And Dance

Producer Nicky Romero opens up to MTV News about working on Unapologetic.

Not that she needed any other tracks to help secure her position as one of pop's premier dance queens, but Rihanna upped her dance ante on her Unapologetic track, "Right Now."

Full of swaggerfied lyrics about embracing the moment, pulsing breakdowns and looped synths, the track is club-ready to the extreme. It probably doesn't hurt that the song features David Guetta's instantly recognizable production style. But, Guetta didn't work alone on it — he got some assistance from the likes of Stargate, Ne-Yo and Nicky Romero.

"I know that David kind of asked me to come to London and work on some music and some pop music as well. So I flew over to London and we worked at the Metropolis Studios on some music," Romero recalled to MTV News, noting that it was Guetta who suggested they kick around jams for Rih during the session. He immediately jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the project.

"So we played a few songs that we made, a few hip-hop songs and a few dance songs and a lot of stuff," he said. "And she was like 'Yeah, I want to have this song combined with that world. And actually I want both worlds to glue together and make it one thing.' That's how 'Right Now' turned out to be on her album and I'm super, super proud to be part of it."

But, it really wasn't as easy as it seems to get all those A-listers in one place at one time. It took some inventive schedule shifting to make it work. "Everyone's so busy and everyone's touring all the time, especially Rihanna, David Guetta and my schedule, it's insane... basically we made the whole setup in London and we made it in a few hours," he said. "We mixed the first version with Ne-Yo's vocals because he was part of the writing process."

And, despite her superstar status, Romero found out first hand just as easy breezy Rihanna is to work with. It's a lesson he took away from the session.

"I remember when Rihanna walked in, she was just in her normal clothes," he said. "There was no performance clothes, of course, and she had her friends with her and part of her team. She was really nice and she gave everyone a hug and just very, very polite. It felt like she could be someone from my school or someone I was friends with before. I don't know; she was very, very humble. I remember that she was very much like everyone else, very normal and a normal person. I appreciated that someone from that level is being so humble and thankful for her work and for her career."

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