Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Forever! Fans Are Pro-Reunion

'They're just perfect together,' one fan tells MTV News outside Bieber's Madison Square Garden concert.

NEW YORK — All signs point to a likely reconciliation between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez after they reportedly broke up earlier this month. They have since been spotted on many a dinner date, including some food and games at Dave & Buster's in Times Square on Wednesday night.

And while fans can't help but be slightly jealous of Selena for dating their man, they are very supportive of the twosome trying to make it work, with Beliebers like Caitlin Healy and her pal Emily Murtha calling themselves "pro-Jelena."

Justin Bieber says Selena Gomez has a "genuine heart."

"I feel like Justin and Selena are a good team together and that they should definitely get back together because that's what America loves and that's what we want: the happy couple together," Andrew Provencher told MTV News on Thursday night when Bieber was in town on his Believe Tour. "That's what we need."

Provencher is hardly the only person jumping on the Jelena bandwagon. "I think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez should get back together because ... they're always so happy with their fans and they're always giving such positive things to other people," Adriana Cronin said. "I just think they made a really good couple."

Selena Gomez dishes on her holiday plans!

"They should get back together because they're a really cute couple," Illeana Cohen agreed. "And they're just really cute together."

Describing the twosome as a "perfect match," Willa Neubauer shared that she hopes he ends up with Gomez instead of a supermodel. "I don't want him to get together with a Victoria's Secret model, 'cause they're just perfect together," she said. (Justin had been rumored to be spending time with 19-year-old Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin at the time of their split.)

"I think that Selena and Justin should also get back together because I think they are a really cute couple, honestly," Madie Koral said. "And I think they attracted a lot of attention towards them, which helped them with their careers."

In the end, no matter what or who they choose, Provencher just wants them to be content. "I think that Justin and Selena should do whatever makes them happy, because, after all, it is their life, it is what they're doing. I mean, look, we're at Madison Square Garden. He's doing what he does best and what he loves," he said. "I feel like if he's with Selena and that makes him happy, great. If he's not with Selena and that makes him happy, then more power to you, man."

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