Joe Budden Boots Fan For Tweeting About 'Boring' Show

'I wish this picture really captured how dead it is in here at this Joe Budden concert,' tweeted concertgoer Paige S during Thursday's show.

No artist wants to look out from the stage and see a fan yawning. But worse than that is going on Twitter to find out that someone in the house is telling the world that they think your show is boring and that nobody is into it.

That was too much for Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden on Thursday night during his show in Oakland, so the MC took matters into his own hands and tossed the offending tweeter. It all started when a woman in the crowd uploaded a photo of the show with the tag, "I wish this picture really captured how dead it is in here at this Joe Budden concert."

Attending with her boyfriend, the woman also uploaded a picture of a box of NoDoz as a commentary on how bored she was at the gig, with the added dis, "for the Budden concert tonight." According to her Twitter account, security came and pulled her out of the crowd, explaining that he would not take the stage until she was escorted out.

"So we are upstairs at VIP ... security asks me if I'm Paige," she tweeted. "I said, 'yes.' And they say, 'Joe Budden wants you out. I feel flattered though, they said they showed my Twitter picture and found me in the club." She later explained that she would "never heckle an artist," clarifying that she was tossed before Budden even came out to perform, adding that she's a fan.

Unlike nerdcore rapper MC Chris, who posted a weepy apology
 for tossing a fan from one of his gigs for a critical tweet earlier this year, Budden clearly wasn't feeling contrite about his decision. Early on Friday morning (November 30), Bud tweeted, "I wish I could rewind life so I could kick that hoe out again lol."