Vino Alan, Paige Thomas 'Surprised' By 'X Factor' Elimination

'I feel amazing, I'm so happy with everything I've done on the show,' says eighth place finisher Thomas after being sent home.

At this point in the season, with the exception of seemingly Teflon warbler CeCe Frey,
 anyone voted off "X Factor" is shocked to hear their number come up.

But despite being disappointed and surprised at elimination
 on Thursday night, both head-tatted growler Vino Alan and Rihanna-be Paige Thomas told MTV News the world has not heard the last from them.

"I feel amazing, I'm so happy with everything I've done on the show," said eighth place finisher Thomas, who was done in by her revamp of Rick Astley's Internet-famous "Never Gonna Give You Up." Determined to show mentor Demi Lovato that she knew best when it came to what her persona should be, the single mom said she was confident that she became a better performer each time she took the "Factor" stage.

"My confidence has just gone through the roof," she said. "I'm excited because now I can actually start working on my own stuff with no limits. There's so much more than I wanted to do ... now, instead of covering artist's songs I can start creating my own and start truly speaking about how I feel through my music."

For Alan, the news was even harder to take, since mentor L.A. Reid forced a song change on Vino at the 11th hour that seemed to throw the singer off. Lovato and Britney Spears both dubbed his take on the Righteous Brothers classic "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" predictable and tame, even as Reid defended his last-minute switcheroo.

"I was definitely surprised that one song choice could drop you all the way to the bottom," said former high-ranking finalist Alan. "And that Simon [Cowell] would decide to let me go on it. But everything's been happening for a reason up until now ... I know it sounds corny. Simon said it tonight, that it [was based] on that performance."

Though he still has love for Reid, Alan said there was definitely "no way" he would have chosen the golden oldie for himself. "It's not serving to my style and my voice," he said. "It wasn't L.A.'s fault."