'Killer Karaoke' A 'Blatant Jab' At Singing Shows, Steve-O Says

'Jackass' star calls his new truTV show 'an exercise in people leaving their dignity and well-being at the door.'

"Jackass" star Steve-O is no stranger to "crazy sh--," and in his new truTV show "Killer Karaoke," he told MTV News that he subjects contestants to a whole lot of it.

In the series that could be considered a hybrid between "The X Factor" and "Fear Factor," the former MTV personality puts contestants through an assortment of extreme physical challenges — and it all takes place while they're singing a hit song.

" 'Killer Karaoke' is a heartwarming little show where people sing and bad stuff is happening to them, making it tough for them to sing and hilarious at the same time," Steve-O told MTV News. "They're getting electrocuted while they're trying to sing Lynyrd Skynyrd. It's awesome. I can't get enough of it."

It's not just the 38-year-old singing the competition's praises either: The New York Times called "Killer Karaoke" (seriously) "the greatest show in television history" — a compliment even Steve-O couldn't believe.

"I was like, 'Come on, dude, The New York Times?' And it turned out it was true!" he said about reading the review for the first time. "I think what they're particularly appreciating about 'Killer Karaoke' is the way that it's a blatant jab at this played-out genre of singing competition shows and just the way that we're really sort of transparent and upfront about what it is, which is an exercise in people leaving their dignity and well-being at the door, and it's just a new low in an ever-devolving sort of medium, you know, like, it's everything that's wrong with America, and I think The New York Times can appreciate that."

While you probably won't recognize any of the contestants on the show, Steve-O has a suggestion if they open up the competition to celebs: "I would have Justin Bieber singing with no security and an arena with naked chicks just clawing away at him. That would probably be pretty cool. Who wouldn't want to see that?"

"Killer Karaoke" airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on truTV.

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