A Justin Bieber Team-Up? Megan And Liz 'Wouldn't Mind'

YouTube sensations talk to MTV News about their still untitled LP, which should be coming fans' way by 'February or March-ish.'

With more than 194 million views on their official YouTube page, there's no question that Megan and Liz's followers are excited to hear the Internet sensations' first LP. But while they wait — "Our album is taking way longer than we ever thought it would," Megan Mace told MTV News — the twin sisters have released a handful of unheard tracks to thank everyone for their patience.

"It was definitely, kind of, a gift to our fans," Liz Mace explained of Bad for Me, the EP released earlier this month. "We haven't had new music in so long and so we were like, 'You know what, we have these six brand new songs that we love.' And we're like, 'Why not just put them out?' So we did."

Like the covers they became famous for on the Web, Bad for Me features an array of different genres and sounds. "It's a nice mix, there's a few country vibe songs on there, there's some really dancey pop songs, all very true to Megan and Liz lyrically, so when you listen to it, you should be able to go, 'Oh, OK, I get it,' " Megan said.

Their full studio album, which is due out sometime this winter — "We're aiming for first quarter, so February or March-ish," Megan said — will also focus on new material. "Originals are always where our true love is and we're most excited about those always."

As of now, the untitled studio album only includes one feature (still TBD), but the duo have quite a few names they'd love to work with. From Hot Chelle Rae to One Direction, the duo's wish list keeps growing, with the most recent addition coming after seeing Justin Bieber's performance at the 2012 American Music Awards.

"His performance was insane," Liz exclaimed. "I am a Justin Bieber fan but after that I'm a really big Justin Bieber fan, so, Justin Bieber, you want to jump on a Megan and Liz song? We wouldn't mind."

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