Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Punching Woman At New York Club

Lohan taken into custody for third-degree assault around 4 a.m. after allegedly punching a woman in the face.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested around 4 a.m. on Thursday (November 29) after police said she hit a woman in the face during an argument at a New York City lounge.

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department told MTV News that Lohan, 26, was taken into custody outside the nightspot and charged with third-degree assault in the incident after she got into an argument with another woman at Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. The victim reportedly did not need medical attention.

At press time, Lohan was being held at the 10th precinct and the NYPD spokesperson said she was likely to be issued a desk appearance ticket that would require her to return to face the charges at a later date.

WABC New York reported that the "Liz & Dick"
 actress is a regular at the club, but was banned from it earlier this year after an incident in which she tweeted about Justin Timberlake.

Police reportedly told TMZ that before the fight there were words exchanged between Lohan and the unidentified woman, who were sitting in separate booths near each other. At one point, Lohan reportedly asked the woman to give her some space and a short time later she allegedly punched her as the quarrel escalated.

The actress reportedly left the lounge and was in a car leaving the scene when police intercepted the vehicle and arrested her. A spokesperson for the lounge confirmed to MTV News on Thursday that Lindsay Lohan was there and that they are cooperating with officials in their investigation. (Our calls to Lohan's lawyer and reps for the Wanted had not been returned by press time.)

Lohan was arrested in September at a different Manhattan nightclub at the Dream Hotel when a pedestrian claimed that the actress hit him with her car and did not stop; prosecutors declined to pursue the case.

Later that month she was at the center of a hotel room scuffle over some cell phone pictures snapped by a part-time congressional aide, Christian LaBella. In that incident, Lohan claimed LaBella assaulted her, leading to his arrest; misdemeanor charges against him were later dropped.

In October, police visited the Lohans' Long Island home after Lindsay and her mother got into an argument that prompted a domestic violence call
 related to the fight. No charges were filed in that case either.

In the midst of trying to reboot her career after years of legal and personal issues, Lohan remains on informal probation in connection with a jewelry theft case. She doesn't have to check in with a probation officer in that case, but could face jail time if arrested again.

TMZ has also reported that Lohan could soon be charged with lying to police about a June car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in California in which she told them she was a passenger when she was reportedly the driver. If charged in that crime she could face a probation violation and possible jail time.