Game Ready To Fire Back After 50 Cent's 'My Life' Dis

Compton MC likens Fif to a zombie during Power 106 interview: 'No matter how many times you shoot 'em, they just keep on.'

Sure, 50 Cent has a lot of fans, but not everyone enjoyed his and Eminem's new "My Life"single. Game, for one, took exception, but that's just probably because the G-Unit head honcho dissed the Compton MC in the very first verse.

"I tried to help them kids get on, they turned around and spit right in my face/ So Game and Buck, both can suck a di--," 5-0 rhymes on the new single.

"Maybe he got somethin' he wants to tell us about his secret life," Game said, speculating about Fif's sexuality on Wednesday (November 28) when he gave an interview on Power 106's "Big Boy's Neighborhood" in Los Angeles. "Ain't nobody worried about 50."

There was a time when the two rap titans were cool, but after Game released his 2005 debut The Documentary on G-Unit Records, he and 50 had a falling-out and their relationship never recovered.

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Game went on to liken 50 to the walking dead. "Every now and again, you get these zombie movies: No matter how many times you shoot 'em, they just keep on," he said of his longtime rival. "I'mma kill him, though."

The MC, who is set to release his upcoming Jesus Piece on December 11, joked that he would take Fif out with a poisoned bow and arrow. In actuality, though, Game said he is considering making another dis record similar to his 14-minute-long "300 Bars and Running"freestyle, where he took aim at the entire G-Unit crew. "I might have to go and double that up and really just say everything that I want to say," he said.

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