50 Cent Won't Take Criticism From Anyone But Eminem

'I can't accept constructive criticism from someone if I'm not sure what their intentions are,' Fif tells MTV News.

50 Cent and Eminem have no concrete plans to collaborate on a full-length project as of now, but they haven't ruled out the idea of joining forces for an EP. Which one of the titans would take control of a joint project though? According to 50 Cent, he would have no problem letting Em take the reins.

After working so closely together over the years and developing such a dynamic relationship with each other, 50 confidently told MTV News that he trusts Em's opinions more than anyone else's.

"I can't accept constructive criticism from someone if I'm not sure what their intentions are," Fif explained. "But when someone's been in my corner my entire musical career — I'll say this, Dre's done wonderful things for me in my career, but the idea of working with 50 Cent came from Eminem."

The Detroit rapper seemed a little bashful as 50 Cent heaped on the praise, adding that he simply wants to add his input at this point. "I feel like I always wanna be there, just to executive produce or oversee things, but Fif knows what he's doing so I don't really gotta tell him much," Em said. "At this point in his career, he's done enough [so now] he just brings me the record and I kinda always wanna give my opinion."

Shady certainly gave plenty of constructive opinions on 50 Cent's upcoming album, Street King Immortal, which will be released in February, commemorating the 10-year anniversary of his 2003 breakout Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

50 Cent celebrates 10 years of Get Rich or Die Tryin' with his new album.

"He's been a huge help on this album, because he says [things to me like], 'when you did this record...tell me the story [of it] man, cause you're not telling me the story now,' " 50 explained, relaying a typical conversation with Em in the studio. "He said, 'when you tell a story, you tell it in a way nobody else can tell it, so just do that, to speak to your attributes when you're actually writing.' And then I'll walk away from the situation and even if it doesn't happen that night, I'm conscious of it."

In addition to his executive input, Eminem is also featured on the Street King Immortal single "My Life," with Adam Levine. The new video finds both rappers dealing with the paranoia they've developed over the course of their careers.

Are you looking forward to more Eminem and 50 Cent collaborations in the future?