Jordin Sparks And Jason Derulo: Recording Duets Together Was 'World War III!'

'I don't know why I assumed it would be easy,' Sparks reveals to MTV News of working with boyfriend Jason Derulo.

After taking a bit of break from music in 2012, real-life couple Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo are looking to get back in the studio — and back on the charts — in the new year.

Derulo and Sparks saw both ups and downs in the past year: the "American Idol" vet celebrated her feature film debut, alongside the late Whitney Houston, in this summer's "Sparkle," while the "It Girl" singer was forced to cancel his tour dates after fracturing his neck during a rehearsal. When MTV News caught up with the cute couple at this month's American Music Awards, Jason revealed he'd been hard at work prepping his upcoming third album during his recovery.

"I've been working on my album for about eight months now. I'm excited to let it out," Derulo told us. "I had that traumatic experience, so lots to talk about."

His girlfriend of over a year, Sparks, is also planning to release her third album, and it will feature a very special duet.

"We actually have recorded some stuff together, so hopefully there will be a song on his and a song on mine, different songs," Sparks said. "Now, our problem is just deciding which one goes where."

Sparks admitted that although their two favorite tracks are both upbeat songs, recording together wasn't as easy as they had first anticipated.

"It was like World War III the first time," Sparks said.

Derulo interjected, "And the second time and the third time."

"But everybody works differently. I don't know why I assumed it would be easy; we were just doing things differently," Sparks continued. "But now that we know, it's been a lot easier. We wrote a song the other day in a couple hours. It was great; we just had to get through that initial awkward [period]."

Sparks went on to reveal that both songs could potentially become singles from the singers' respective albums, both of which they hope will be out in early 2013.

So now that they know that they can work together and still have a healthy relationship, will there be wedding bells anytime soon, we wondered.

"One day," Sparks said. "We both have to be ready. We are really, really busy right now."

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