Are The Backstreet Boys Going 'Indie'?

BSB tell MTV News they've recruited 'up-and-coming producers, young cats, some indie-type guys' for their next album.

It's hard to believe it's been six years since they've recorded an album together as a fivesome, but now the Backstreet Boys are back.

In the time since their last album together, they released two albums as a quartet and joined forces with the New Kids on the Block to form the super-group NKOTBSB. But Kevin Richardson rejoined BSB back in April, and earlier this month, the group released their first song with all five original members, "It's Christmas Time Again." The group pre-taped a performance of the song for the 2012 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, which airs Christmas Day on ABC.

MTV News recently caught up with BSB on the red carpet for the American Music Awards and they explained how the festive track came together.

"Nick and Howie went into the studio to write with some producers we've been working with and they are like, 'Let's write a Christmas song' because we had an appearance booked for the Disney Christmas morning special," Kevin Richardson explained. "And we are like, 'Why don't we do an original?' and we did. And I'm very proud of these guys, and we love the song. And it's a good way to give the fans something to tie them over until next year when the album comes out."

The Backstreet Boys are still hard at work on their upcoming album, which they will release in 2013 to coincide with the celebration of their 20th anniversary.

"It's going really good right now." Nick Carter said of the album. "I think we are about 75 percent done and we're in L.A. Obviously we went to London for about three weeks, almost a month, with [producer] Martin Terefe. We lived in a house together, got close together, got our things all tightened up and we are now in Los Angeles recording with a lot of up-and-coming producers, young cats, some indie-type guys. We are experimenting right now and collecting all the songs, once they are done, we will listen to the best music, hopefully it rises to the top and then we are going to release the single, hopefully early next year."

The guys, who hope to release their next album in April and plan to embark on a world tour next year, are excited for fans to hear their new music since it's nothing that BSB fans have heard before.

"It doesn't sound like 'The Call' or it doesn't sound like the Millennium album," Richardson said. "But it's fresh, it's new, we are trying to find where we are now sonically, and we are experimenting. It's really exciting."

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