50 Cent, Adam Levine Bring 'Life' To 'The Voice'

Fif visits the show to perform 'My Life' with Levine before the top eight took the stage in a fierce performance round.

After spectacular performances last week, "The Voice" top eight had their work cut out for them. But before they took the stage, they got to enjoy a performance from the audience.

Ahead of its premiere on MTV Tuesday morning (November 27), 50 Cent and coach Adam Levine treated the audience with a performance of their new collaborative single "My Life," also featuring Eminem. The unlikely pair offset each other well against the lavish set flashing Fif's name, much better than last week's forgettable duet between coaches Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera.

Let's not forget though, there was a competition to be had, and the remaining eight brought their A-games and sad tales in an attempt to win America's heart.

Team Adam

Amanda Brown set the stage for the night with a gutsy rock rendition of Adele's monster hit "Someone Like You." Brown nailed her vocals and was applauded for her bravery for taking risks even at this stage of the game, but she still left a highly critical Aguilera wondering what kind of artist she was. Melanie Martinez, on the other hand, knows exactly who she is and received rave reviews from her coach for her acoustic performance of Alex Clare's "Too Close." The youngest competitor let out her own relationship heartache on stage. "I'm sure he feels like an idiot right now," Levine consoled a vulnerable Martinez.

Team Christina

As the sole member of Aguilera's pack, Dez Duron felt the pressure of delivering for his coach. He decided to mix up an old and new vibe by performing a jazz cover of Justin Bieber's "U Smile." The handsome Duron made the ladies swoon, as usual, with his immaculate stage presence, while receiving mixed praise from the judges. Green didn't think it was his best performance, Shelton touted his "star" power, and Levine gave him props for dropping out of an Ivy League college to pursue his musical dreams.

Team Cee Lo

With the most men standing, the fabulous Cody Belew was the first to rep Team Cee Lo in the night's competition. Having endured alienation and hardships for being different, Belew took on Queen's "Somebody to Love," delivering on his newfound theatrics so much that he made a friend out of Xtina. "We need to hang out after this show," the pop diva said. From rock to R&B, Trevin Hunte went back to his roots with Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All." Accompanied by a backing choir and white fog, the angelic performance was compared to "heaven" by Levine. If that's not enough, Shelton continued to sing the praises saying, "That's the guy we have to figure out how to beat somehow." Now who can forget soul man Nicholas David singing "What's Going On." Levine revealed that he is "super jealous" of the singer, and why shouldn't he be? He got to jam with legend Bill Withers in a surprise appearance.

Team Blake

Terry McDermott led Shelton's team with a rock rendition of his coach's song "Over." The Scottish rocker, who had been feeling homesick after missing his wife's birthday, was praised for his precision. "So that's what that song is supposed to sound like," Levine joked with a supportive Shelton nodding in agreement. In another sweet surprise, McDermott was reunited with his wife and son after his big performance. Frontrunner Cassadee Pope closed the show with "Are You Happy Now" and received the usual unanimous accolades. Green's comments put it best, though, "I'm not happy now, 'cause you could win this thing!"

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