Uncle Murda Looks To Kill Rap Competition With The First 48

'I decided to name it The First 48 because it was a way of saying murder without directly saying murder,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

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Headliner: Uncle Murda

Representing: Brooklyn, New York

Mixtape: The First 48

Real Spit: With a name like Uncle Murda, it's easy to see why the Brooklyn MC isn't a big fan of police investigations. Still, for his newest mixtape, which drops Monday (November 26), Uncle M drew inspiration from A&E's hit crime documentary "The First 48."

"I decided to name it The First 48 because it was a way of saying murder without directly saying murder, and everybody know what 'The First 48' is," the underground lyricist told Mixtape Daily about the theme behind his new tape, which is hosted by comedian Mike Epps.

The A&E show follows homicide detectives through the first 48 hours of their investigation, because that is calculated to be the time frame in which most murders are solved. Murda is a big fan. "Sometimes I find it funny how they just be tellin' on their selves sometimes, how they get tricked," he said of the television program before connecting it to his latest work. "It be real situations that's goin' on there. I find it funny and real. That's why I got Mike Epps to come along with me on it."

The tape features production from longtime Murda collaborators the Tuneheadz and some pretty hefty rap guests as well. French Montana shows up for "Money Work" and "Balling Out," while Maino pitches in on "Candy Yams."

On "My Moment," Murda proves that it isn't all bang-bang, shoot-'em-up, as he sends a shout-out to late manager Chris Lighty. "Chris got me that deal too, now my n---a ain't here/ I know what he'd be tellin' me right now if was here/ 'Don't make me look bad, give it all you got'/ He want me to be the next Biggie Smalls, 50 Cent, Tupac," Murda spits.

Uncle Murda still has a long way to go in cementing his rap legacy, but with The First 48, he continues to lay a solid foundation.

Joints to Check For

» "Black & Yellow" - "Black and yellow tape. On a little part of the chorus I say, 'We don't tell on ourselves take the first 48,' and I'm just goin' in, talkin' about how I'm a mobster and how nobody else is like me."

» "No Cake" - "That's about how these dudes be talkin' about how they got this, that and the third, when they really don't have none of the things that they're talkin' about. So I was just highlighting that on this record right here."

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