'Catching Fire' Bromance Confirmed! Josh Hutcherson, Sam Claflin 'A Great Match'

'We totally hit it off,' Hutcherson tells MTV News after Jennifer Lawrence revealed the pair's budding friendship.

We've been rolling in "Catching Fire" goods recently here at MTV News. In addition to the scene-specific details dropped by star Josh Hutcherson regarding arena sequences being shot in IMAX and a wardrobe malfunction during a key scene, leading lady Jennifer Lawrence delighted us with an excellent behind-the-scenes secret. Never mind the romance between Katniss and Peeta; there is a budding bromance between Hutcherson and new castmember Sam Claflin.

Naturally, when we caught up with Hutcherson shortly thereafter, we had to ask him for a response to Lawrence's claim that the two actors are involved in a "full-blown bromance."

"We totally hit it off," Hutcherson admitted of his new friendship with Claflin, who plays Finnick in the upcoming sequel. "He's just one of those guys that's always down to have fun and is generally a good person. We have a similar sense of humor. He likes to play soccer; I play soccer. It's kind of really a great match. Everything just kind of melded together."

Speaking of co-stars who are always down to have fun, we asked Hutcherson if Lawrence, who is prone to joking around on set, had become more serious for "Catching Fire" versus her antics on the set of "The Hunger Games."

"Oh God, no, I think it's gotten worse," Hutcherson said with a laugh. "It's gotten out of control. All of us, if you have me and Woody [Harrelson] and Jennifer on set together, it's like a group of toddlers. I don't even know how we're making this movie."

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