One Direction Make A Bid For 'Best Dolls Ever Made'

'It's cool for the fans, because they get a doll with outfits that we've picked,' Zayn Malik tells MTV News of boy band's tiny twins.

You know you've made it when there's an action-figure version of you on store shelves. So that means One Direction are officially superstars — not that should come as any surprise. This holiday season, you can take home on or all five members of the mega-famous boy band in doll form.

MTV News caught up with the fivesome in New York City on Monday, where they were still pretty shocked they had reached a level of celebrity that plants their plastic likenesses at a toy store near you. "You never imagine that you're going to have this little version of yourself," Harry Styles told us. "It's amazing."

Each doll features a pretty spot-on resemblance to the swoon-worthy, chart-topping Take Me Home singers, including their gentleman-meets-hipster fashion and varying degrees of floppy hair. And while they all pretty closely resemble their human counterparts, is there one doll that is the most realistic?

"I think Niall's is really good," Zayn Malik said of Niall Horan's doll. "Actually, Niall's doll actually looks a lot like him; Louis' is good as well."

"I think they all look good," Louis Tomlinson added.

One Direction wish they were "cool enough" to work with Jay-Z.

Considering that the guys will soon be on the road for their massive 2013 world tour, the dolls may serve as a nice placeholder for any family dinners while they are out of town. And, as it turns out, some of their families already have the dolls proudly on display in their houses.

"My sister's actually got them up in the house," Liam Payne said. "So we're just there in the corner, 'Hello!' "

One Direction teach us the art of the swoon face: Watch now!

In addition to the standard figures, there are also singing versions of the dolls, giving fans a variety of One Direction prototypes to pick from. The guys made sure they were a part of the planning process, nailing down each and every detail.

"I think we all wanted them to be as authentic as possible, and obviously, if we got involved in the outfits and stuff, then it's a lot of stuff that we'd probably wear," Zayn said. "And it's cool for the fans, because they get a doll with outfits that we've picked."

"All those clothes were actually worn on the 'Today' show the first time we did it," Niall added of their March appearance on the show. "We picked it from then because we thought it was good styling that day."

If fans still need a reason to pick up a doll, Liam offered this: "[Louis] can do that in real life as well," he shared of the dolls' abilities to bend at the joints. "He's double-jointed."

Louis added, "That's why they're the best dolls ever made."