Chris Brown Fans Stand By Singer After Twitter Feud

Many fans want people to 'leave chris brown alone,' as one commenter urged after Breezy's war of words with Jenny Johnson.

One day after Chris Brown got into a Twitter feud with comedian Jenny Johnson and suspended his account, his devoted fans are sticking by the singer in the wake of the heated war of words.

The vulgar exchange between the singer and the comedian/TV producer escalated on Sunday after Johnson responded to Brown's tweet "I look old as f---! I'm only 23" with "I know! Being a worthless piece of sh-- can really age a person." From there, the exchange grew more and more heated before Brown closed out his Twitter account.

Since then, Team Breezy has remained passionate, defending the singer and his decision to tweet a number of crude responses to Johnson, including, "Let me leave this bitch alone ... it's good to know my worth by listening to a bitch that is worthless! #win #bushpigswag."

As has been the case many times before when the singer has done something controversial, fans have remained on Brown's side in the hours since the exchange took place. Commenting on MTV News' story, one fan, using the name justice seeker, shared his take on the dispute, siding with the R&B singer.

From R-rated beefs to epic rants, Twitter and Chris Brown have a rocky history.

The fan wrote, "quite frankly jenny johnson went out of her way to disrespect chris brown. he said that he felt old as f--- and he was only 23 and she decided to be insolent so of course he retaliated ... leave chris brown alone and remember that he is also a person with feelings and if you step on his toe he will yell. jenny johnson must be living in the twilight zone because he was very apologetic for what he did. apparently [rihanna] thinks so too because she has let it go and they are now friends.... and everyone else should just let it go as well. i mean really...."

MissBreezyM hoped that critics would back off Brown once and for all. She wrote, "I think its got **** all to do with anyone, people need to get off his di--, and let him be!!!!"

Kristen92 added that Johnson's initial tweet to Brown seemed like a move for publicity. She wrote, "What is Jenny's problem? She just wants free publicity, I've never heard of her. She should mind her own business... Didn't she see the pic Rihanna posted of breezy in her bed?"

On the RapFix blog, Orris shared, "I don't get the people who expect him or anyone else who makes mistakes to do. He has a right to live his life, have a career, win awards, perform etc. Since when in this country does making a mistake or hell multiple mistakes lead to one being banned from seeking and achieving the American dream. America is full of drama queens. Personally, I think his music sucks but guess what, if I liked it, I would buy it!"

Has CBreezy quit Twitter for good?

Elsewhere on Twitter, fans mirrored that sentiment. @_LivingLavish_wrote, "Okay Chris Brown did not attack that lady... She came at him first && she been coming at him since 2009... When is enough enough??"

Many fans seemed to think that the past, including the 2009 assault incident involving Rihanna, should remain in the past. @OfficallyShan wrote, "Why do people keep messing with Chris Brown, 2009 is the past and Rihanna has clearly forgiven him!"

Another fan had a simple stance on the issue. "Chris Brown deserves respect! Chris Brown deserves respect," @hellyeahbreezy wrote. "Get it through you heads people!!!"

Regardless of where they stand on the issue, many fans have remained civil in their commitment to the singer post-beef. Others, however, have expressed more extreme opinions since the online brawl took place, with some fans sending death threats to the comedian. "If he don't ever come back to twitter I'ma hunt @jennyjohnsonhi5 down and kill her," @shanicepaige wrote, with @GirlsDemSugar_ adding, "WHO DF is Jenny Johnson. I'll kill you."