Thanksgiving Dinner Z List: Celebs Dish On Worst Holiday Grub

MTV News grills the stars at the American Music Awards about their least favorite Turkey Day dishes.

In just 24 hours, Americans everywhere — even Hollywood — will be changing into their stretchy pants and loading up on ungodly amounts of carbs to celebrate a centuries-old tradition. But we imagine a Thanksgiving on the A-list to be an affair a little more elegant than the average gorge-fest, one that probably includes more aged bottles of wine and dishes not made entirely out of a Campbells soup can.

But as it turns out, even on the A-list, those dubious stews and inscrutable casseroles still somehow make it to the table on Turkey Day.

When MTV News caught up with the stars on the red carpet of Sunday night's American Music Awards, they shared which Thanksgiving dishes give them the heebie-jeebies.

The thought of canned cranberry sauce brought a grimace to "American Idol" season-six alum Jordin Sparks' face. And J. Cole described two Thanksgiving-feast darlings as just plain "terrible."

"Stuffing is terrible," he told MTV News on the red carpet. "And turkey is really dry... It's a bad move."

Another starchy side dish got the cold shoulder from Neon Trees' Elaine Bradley. While sweet potato casserole may be a favorite among sweet-tooths and marshmallow enthusiasts, it's the one dish the drummer can't stomach. "I just can't do it," she said on the red carpet.

Backstreet Boys' A.J. McLean, however, had no problem with the carb-heavy Thanksgiving staples, and instead disregarded anything and everything green. "I don't like any green vegetables," he said, eliciting a scoff and "C'mon, man" from bandmate Brian Littrell.

But whether it's green, blue, red or oddly reminiscent of a Furby, fellow Backstreet Boy Nick Carter will gladly take care of any of these stars' leftovers.

"There's nothing off-limits," he said.

What's your least favorite Thanksgiving dish? Leave your comment below!