'Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson Thankful For 'A Lot Of Firsts' In 2012

'Being with Liam and Jen was great because we were experiencing something brand-new to all of us,' he tells MTV News.

If you're a movie fan, 2012 has been a pretty great year. And even though it's a little early to be thinking about the best of this year, since a lot of potential awards contenders have not yet hit theaters, we have no qualms about naming "Breaking Dawn - Part 2," "The Avengers" and "The Hunger Games" as the 2012 films we're most thankful for.

Here to represent the blockbuster big-screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' bestseller is star Josh Hutcherson, who stopped by MTV News recently to chat about his very big 2012.

"I'm very thankful [for 2012] as well," Hutcherson said. "I had a lot of work that came out this year and was pretty successful thus far, so it was exciting for me. It definitely exceeded my expectations."

Speaking specifically to "The Hunger Games," Hutcherson said that in embarking upon an international press tour, he was able to see just how widespread the enthusiasm is for the film, as well as experience a couple big "firsts."

"I had a lot of firsts this year. I went to Paris, London and Berlin for the first time, so I got to see a lot of new places," he said. "I had a blast. The press tour was so fun with me and Liam [Hemsworth] and Jen [Lawrence] and [director] Gary [Marshall] flying all over the world together. ... Being with Liam and Jen was great because we were experiencing something brand-new to all of us. I think Liam had the most experience dealing with [a lot of press], just because of him and [his engagement to] Miley [Cyrus], but having really good people experiencing it with you made it a lot easier."

Hutcherson isn't just thankful for "The Hunger Games" in the last year; he's also happy to have discovered new music and grateful for a second season of the saucy reality show "Gigolos."

"I'm thankful that I've been turned on to the Lumineers," Hutcherson said of the "Ho Hey" group. "I am still watching 'Gigolos.' I haven't been caught up to date on the latest episode, but when I was in Atlanta, I was getting my Gigolo on — I was watching the 'Gigolos' TV show."

Something else Hutcherson is keeping up with is Kim Kardashian — on Twitter, that is, though he didn't seem aware of that fact.

"I follow Kim Kardashian?" he said when asked about how he chooses who he follows on the social-networking site. "I have my reasons," he added with a smile. "They are top-secret. I can't divulge my secrets."

Finally, what does Mr. Hutcherson want for his 2013 in order for it to outdo the successes he enjoyed in 2012? As it turns out, the 20-year-old has his mind not only on himself, but on the bigger picture.

"There is the obvious that everybody will say, which is a better economy and a better America, so I hope for a better economy, a better America," he said. "Outside of that, we're shooting the next two 'Hunger Games' movies back-to-back, and then I'm shooting another 'Journey,' so as long as the world doesn't end, I have a busy 2013 coming up."

Stick with MTV Movies leading up to Thanksgiving as we discuss the films we're most thankful for in 2012!