Is Lindsay Lohan Really Anything Like Elizabeth Taylor?

'Liz & Dick' co-star Grant Bowler weighs in on the actress' portrayal of the stage icon to MTV News.

Lindsay Lohan stormed the Lifetime network on Sunday night playing the one and only Elizabeth Taylor. Given the similarities between both women's personal lives, it would seem that Lohan would make for the perfect modern-day starlet to re-imagine the late screen legend in "Liz & Dick."

Let's break it down for you. Both women happened to be former child stars who, as adults, lavished themselves in jewels (sometimes gifted to them, sometimes stolen, allegedly) and lived out their lives in the tabloids without much concern for how it may affect their PR. Given all that, does her co-star Grant Bowler think that Lohan truly is Liz reincarnated?

"Oh, I don't know! I don't know," Bowler, who played Liz's longtime love Richard Burton in the flick, told MTV News. "I, for myself, look for attributes that I have in common and if you like fuse those together so that I can tick that box and then I get curious about the stuff that's a long way away from me, like internally. But that process goes on completely in your imagination and in your own head. So I don't know about anybody else, whether they are close or far from their character. That's impossible to tell. Really the only thing you can do is, as an audience later, sit back objectively kind of look at it and go 'Oh yeah, there's a lot of similarities.' "

The film's production, in many ways, played out like the Burton/Taylor love affair, full of controversy and speculation. It seems that each time Lindsay stepped on set, hullabaloo followed, including the time she was found unconscious in her hotel room and an investigation into the film's production. Given who they were, perhaps Burton and Taylor would have appreciated that type of pre-release hype.

"They were the first paparazzi couple. The entire term 'paparazzi' became known around the world because of Burton and Taylor," he said, recalling the scandal they created when they first fell in love on the set of "Cleopatra" in Rome (they were married to other people at the time), forever changing the way celebrity culture plays out in the press. "That was the end of it," he said. "Really from then until now, studios and the people producing product have lost control controlling the stories around it. And, we have what we have today."

But there was one moment that really struck Bowler during filming — one that made him realize how much Liz and Dick lived in public without a care.

"The amazing thing about their relationship was what didn't happen behind closed doors," he continued. "One thing that blew my mind shooting the movie was there a scene where Burton forces Taylor to choose between him and her husband, Eddie Fisher. But he did it in real life, and in the movie, in the middle of a dinner party in a home full of their friends. What was remarkable about them was how cavalier, if you like, or how open they were conducting their life. They certainly didn't hold anything back."

What are some more similarities between Liz Taylor and Lindsay Lohan? List 'em in the comments!