'It's Thanksgiving' Video: Behind The 'Greasy' Scenes With Nicole Westbrook

'It was fun getting down and dirty with that turkey leg,' YouTube sensation tells MTV News regarding her impromptu microphone.

Still can't get Rebecca Black's 2011 hit "Friday" out of your head? Well, not to worry, because we've got a new viral video that will easily knock the song from your mind. Brought to you by PMW Live (the same team responsible for Black's "Friday") is Nicole Westbrook and her Turkey Day-themed "It's Thanksgiving."

Like Black, the 12-year-old from California has already received a huge response from both ends of the spectrum regarding her newfound fame. While Westbrook steers clear of any negativity — "I totally ignore it, which I think is a good thing," she told MTV News — she's fully aware of both the friends and foes of the song.

"I know there's some negative comments, some positive comments but all in all I haven't really paid much attention to it," she explained.

Instead, Westbrook has been setting her focus on the single's success (which already has more than 9 million views on YouTube). When she sat down with MTV News, Westbrook walked us through her "It's Thanksgiving" video, giving us the frame by frame details on how it was made.

"I'm actually in my bedroom at my real house," she revealed about the video's setting. "Those are my real friends from school and outside of school and that was really fun."

One person featured in the music video who was not from her school, however, was writer/producer Patrice Wilson, who made his cameo dressed as the main course.

"Patrice is so great, he was so funny in that turkey costume and my friends loved him."

While having her friends and family around for the shoot was comforting, one thing Westbrook was a little uneasy about was her rap verse toward the end of the song.

"I was kind of unsure about rapping but by the time in the video I was really, really excited about rapping and I think it turned out pretty good," she said. So good that Westbrook turned part of her Thanksgiving dinner into an impromptu microphone that made an unforgettable moment in the video.

"It was fun getting down and dirty with that turkey leg," Westbrook admitted. "It was so greasy and after each take I kept on having to wipe my hands off, and we did pretty many takes on that but it was fun.

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