Rihanna On Turbulent 777 Tour: 'I'd Do This Again'

Elusive pop star traveling on weeklong tour with press and fans finally grants an interview as jet lands in Newark for final leg.

NEWARK, New Jersey — After six days of zero interaction with the people aboard her 777 Tour aircraft, Rihanna emerged to grant a press conference to the 150-odd journalists following her on this seven-day, seven-country promotional tour had been promised for the last week. In dark sunglasses and a knit beanie, the visibly exhausted star finally availed herself to answering questions as the final, seven-hour flight back to the U.S. from London descended into Newark.

"I'd f---ing do this again," the singer responded when asked whether she had any regrets. It's safe to say some of her passengers — which included members of the media, record label execs and some lucky fans — might not mirror that sentiment after the grueling pace of the last leg of the tour and a few scathing reviews of the experience. Rihanna wasn't entirely oblivious to the travel-weary journos' gripes, though, and she assured us that the weeklong run would go out with a bang.

"New York is the show that's going to make it all worth it," she said.

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After kicking off last week in Mexico City, and making much-buzzed-about stops in Toronto, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris and London, Rihanna will bring her show to New York's Webster Hall tonight (November 20), capping things off with an official album release party for her just-released album, Unapologetic. It had been a dizzying jaunt, and we appropriately had so many things we wanted to ask the singer.

But just as desperate press began flinging questions at a reticent Rihanna, our captain (conveniently) announced that we were landing and had to return to our seats. Unheeded, we were able to get a couple more questions before the pop star disappeared as unceremoniously as she'd popped up. On the topic of guest stars: "It's New York, friends want to come onstage and perform with me." On whether she would switch up the largely unchanging set list from her previous performances (code for would we FINALLY get to see a live rendition of "Rude Boy"): "I don't know what I'm going to play." And there you have it, a classic Rihanna plane experience.

Informative? Not particularly. Surprising? Not in the least.

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