Ke$ha Gets 'Vulnerable' With New Book, Gives 'Haters The Finger'

The singer opens up to MTV News about her 'My Crazy Beautiful Life,' her first-ever book release, out Tuesday (November 20).

Ke$ha describes her life using many adjectives. Two of them made it to the title of her brand-new book, "My Crazy Beautiful Life," which hit stores Tuesday (November 20). And another word the glittering pop star-turned-author would use to sum up her existence?

"Magical," she tells MTV News.

That magic is captured in the singer's first-ever book release, as she takes fans inside her world and allows them access into what it's like to be Ke$ha. Through personal anecdotes and photos, fans are taken along for the journey as she embarks on the next phase of her career. The book traces her from her meager beginnings to her current pop star status ahead of her next album release, Warrior.

"With this book I am really opening up myself to my fans. So much of my life winds up on the internet one way or another anyhow, so I decided that I owed it to my fans to give them the full story of what my life is really like without any filters," she explained. "I decided that if I am going to preach that you have to give the haters the finger and be who you are no matter what, then I have to walk the walk as well. I opened up my personal journals and family archives putting this book together and didn't shy away from including moments where I am vulnerable."

Aside from encouraging her fans to ignore "the haters," she's also telling them to appreciate life's smaller things.

"The message of this book is the same one as the message of my new album Warrior: it's a celebration of the magic in life," she added. "It's not just a celebration of the perfect magical moments when you are dancing until the sun rises but it's also a celebration of the more frequent imperfect moments in life. Imperfections are what make life interesting and beautiful and so I always want to encourage people to be themselves and embrace their own imperfections."

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And Ke$ha certainly keeps it real in the book. She talks about not knowing who her father is, how important a role her mom and brother have played in her life, and how she felt like an outcast when she was a kid. She also opens up about recording her next album, out on December 4.

"One thing that I am really excited about sharing in my book is the process of writing my album Warrior. It's not the most glamorous part of what I do, but to me it is the most important," she said. "First and foremost I consider myself a writer and I really wanted to let people in to see my creative process in this book. There is also the 'cauliflower incident' but you will just have to read about that one yourself." (It's certainly an anecdote her Animals will love.)

The genesis for the book came at a time when K was in between projects. She spent some time traveling abroad (her travels are all in there) and the book, in many ways, is a love letter to the people who made her the star she is today: her fans.

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"Even though this is just the beginning of my story, after finishing my first world tour I had some down time to reflect on what an amazing ride the last few years had been," she said. "Of course there were many ups and downs. But one thing that I realized is that the thing that always got me through the tough moments were my fans. On many occasions when I was feeling down, one of my fans would tell me how my music affected their life and sometimes I would get presents from my fans like a piece of art or a letter or teeth or a scrapbook and instantly I'd be reenergized and know that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. So I wanted to make a scrapbook for my fans in return and share this crazy story with the people who have made it all possible: My Animals!"

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