Game Loses Wedding-Cake War On 'Marrying The Game'

'I'll give her what she wants. She wins,' MC says of fiancée Tiffney Cambridge in first two episodes of new VH1 show.

With so much drama in the CPT, it's kind of hard to believe that Game didn't get his own reality show sooner.

On Monday night, VH1 premiered the first two episodes of "Marrying the Game." The cameras follow the Compton, California, MC and his fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge, as they plan a life together, but certain problems arise when Cambridge tires to get the free-wheeling rap star to commit to wedding planning.

In the first episode, Game spends most of the day in bed after a late-night studio session with Chris Brown, while his better half stresses over his indifference when it's time to select a wedding hall. In the second episode, it is more of the same as the couple battle over the wedding cake. Tiffney wants the grandest, most expensive pastries possible for the couple's special day, but Game goes the extra mile to find a more sensible solution at a budget-friendly Compton bakery.

Toward the end of the episode, the lovebirds have a good old-fashioned taste test before Game forfeits victory in favor of a sweeter reward. "Tiff lookin' kinda good. I'm thinkin' about having sex later. I'll give her what she wants. She wins," Game conceded in the confessional.

MTV News was on hand in October 2011 when Game proposed to his future wifey at her job at Frank D. Parent Elementary School in Inglewood, California. Despite their spats, the couple appear to be in love in the show's first two episodes, but being with a multiplatinum rap star has its drawbacks.

"She's trying to find her balance between the love she has for me and hip-hop taking that away from her on a day-to-day basis," Game told MTV News earlier this month. "Women are some freaky creatures, and it's gonna be fun to see what everybody feels about how this whole reality-show thing plays out."