Lady Gaga Gets Down And Dirty In Second 'Cake' Teaser

Gaga unveils another Terry Richardson-directed clip for her upcoming single.

Lady Gaga's giving her fans another slice of "Cake."

Yes, just days after dropping the first Terry Richardson-directed teaser for (what we can all logically assume to be) her latest single, Gaga served up a second helping on Sunday (November 18), and let's just say it's a good thing that she spends a portion of the clip in the tub ... 'cause this thing is dirty.

Dressed in little more than some skimpy lingerie — and a pair of heels — Gaga bumps and grinds atop an actual cake, slathers herself in frosting and suggestively sucks down a slice, then gets soaking wet in a tub. All in 15 short seconds. And yes, we needed a cold shower after watching it.

Of course, there's still no word as to when we'll get to see the full "Cake" clip — though Gaga has promised that it's coming — or even if the song will be included on her much-discussed new album, ARTPOP, which is due next year.

Gaga debuted "Cake" during a Mugler fashion show back in September, and as if the teaser clips she's released for the song didn't raise eyebrows high enough, well, the song's lyrical content — featuring lines like "I'm getting fat and so is my bank/With a sold-out world tour, bitch" — most certainly did. The song was produced by her frequent collaborator, DJ White Shadow, who worked on Born This Way and is one of several producers helming ARTPOP.

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