Ke$ha Bangs Out 'Die Young' AMA Performance

Glittery pop star takes to the drums for her cultish show on Sunday.

Ke$ha took the stage at the 40th anniversary American Music Awards to show that she's still channeling her cultish side. While her newly released "Die Young" video shows off her Illuminati connections and affinity for wolves and glittery pentagrams, the pop singer's Sunday (November 18) night performance continued to usher in her dark vibe, but with a few twists.

Sitting in a tall throne in the middle of the Nokia Theatre, Ke$ha, who just released her new single"C'mon," donned a black lacy veil, which covered her face as she sang the opening cadence of the song. "I hear your heartbeat to the beat of the drums," she began as her dance troupe pounded on giant tom-toms scattered across the stage.

Lasers shot blue and orange neon in every angle as the glammed-up pop star descended from her seat, ditching her Lady Gaga-like head gear and exposing long platinum-blond braids. Dancers surrounded her as she flowed in and out of them. In a gold crusted leotard and black leather boots, Ke$ha gyrated with her skull-headed dancers, moving around them in a carefully rehearsed motion.

After her crew lifted the singer and spun her around in the air, Ke$ha broke it down and got a drum for a brief singing break. She and 20 other performers banged on bongos, and the song took a turn into the jungle. The audience clapped along to the beat until K-Dollar hit the ground to belt out the last few notes of "Die Young," her cult following her until the very last beat.

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